What’s in a Name Change?: Daily Update

Today, I listened to a podcast about how to build a profitable blog. It was about one woman’s story. The notes should be within this folder. The main takeaways were that she used ads from the beginning, then incorporated affiliate marketing in her second year, then sponsored posts, which she started off charging $200/post when she had 10,000 visitors a month, but started charging $2,0000 a post later on, and by her third year she started selling her own products starting off with a course telling how she turned her blog into a six figure blog.

Later, I finished the review paper for my first post or potential first post. I started on another paper, or returned to another research paper rather and wrote on that as well.

Later on today, I might actually purchase the domain name for this site, tolearnalot, the blog about the other blog I’m starting. (That did not end up being the name of this blog.)

Originally written on 6/29/2022

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