Put Your Personality into Your Content via Darius Foroux

I got a nugget about blogging from The Darius Foroux Show podcast, episode titled Diversifying Income: Starting A Profitable Blog. This episode was published on June 26, 2018, about four years ago from the day I listened to this podcast. In this podcast, Foroux said he thinks he's going to start a blog or a … Continue reading Put Your Personality into Your Content via Darius Foroux

Where’s that Guide?: Daily Update

I finished the research paper I revisited yesterday and wrote some notes on that. I did not purchase the domain name for this site yet though. I might listen to another podcast about building a profitable blog later on. I once found this guide that was a thorough step-by-step process for creating a profitable blog, … Continue reading Where’s that Guide?: Daily Update

What’s in a Name Change?: Daily Update

Today, I listened to a podcast about how to build a profitable blog. It was about one woman's story. The notes should be within this folder. The main takeaways were that she used ads from the beginning, then incorporated affiliate marketing in her second year, then sponsored posts, which she started off charging $200/post when … Continue reading What’s in a Name Change?: Daily Update

Writing Schedule Continued: Daily Update

Today, I continued reading the review paper and made some more notes. I think today's reading was insightful both personally and content-wise. I suspect that I will end up condensing a lot of it though in the final draft. This is a good start though to have to remove or edit down content rather than … Continue reading Writing Schedule Continued: Daily Update

Start a blog, why not?

If I'm going to blog and maybe try to monetize it, I should see what advice is out there. I sure could use the money. You know what? Why not share that information with other people as well. It's what I already do. No harm, no foul. That's my thinking for my other blog. Eventually, … Continue reading Start a blog, why not?