Start a blog, why not?

If I’m going to blog and maybe try to monetize it, I should see what advice is out there. I sure could use the money.

You know what? Why not share that information with other people as well. It’s what I already do. No harm, no foul.

That’s my thinking for my other blog. Eventually, I tried doing just that, sharing the advice I came across on starting and running a blog. Then guess what?

People actually liked it! Yeah, those posts about blogging were/are some of my most popular posts. Still no money from them though.

I figured I should make more of those and…AND…other blogging experts recommended niching down on your blog so, why not make my own blog about blogging? I’m no expert, but hey, why not let other people learn as I learn and I’ll share my experiences as I start another blog with the intent to monetize it.

May all who pass gain something from their time here.

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